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Technical Phases to Printing Photography as a Giclée


High End Photographic Work

Despite a popular misconception, photographic film is capable of higher quality image than digital photography. This is especially true in low light level atmospheres with varying light qualities that are sometimes abnormal. Richard has also found using film produces greater tonal values. He also chooses mostly to use negative film as opposed to transparency film, especially when mid tone ranges are a critical part of the photograph. It´s interesting to note that many Hollywood producers still prefer film to make movies.

Most of Richard´s photographic work is taken with large format view cameras. One reason is because he has always loved making very large prints which are not possible to make using 35mm photography.

The misty atmospheric images also posed a technical problem with contrast and detail. Lower light produces less contrast and less detail so large format photography was Richard´s solution to capturing these very evasive landscapes.

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